Saturday, August 13, 2011

Straw Poll, Short Stroll

So, the results of the Iowa Straw Poll are in! What did they tell us? In one word: NOTHING!

How Ron Paul can continue to stack these polls is amazing to me. Here's a guy (albeit from my home state of Texas) that doesn't have a chance to win the nomination. His past history has suggested that he puts all his eggs into one basket, the Iowa Straw Poll. Yeah!

Moving down amongst the so-called "other rans", we see Michelle Bachmann shoring up her position in second place. Again, good press for a few days, but hardly meaningful. She has an awful long way to go to achieve front-runner status. The Ames Straw Poll is hardly the stuff of legend. I don't think ANY eventual Republican nominee has won it. It's merely a traditional fund-raiser for the town of Ames and, well, more power to them for that!

Nope, we have to look beyond the Ames Straw Poll and examine the other things going on.

Join me on "The Roderic Deane Show" tomorrow at noon Eastern time. I'll fill you in on everything that transpired today and last week. I'll boil in down into an easily understood discussion that cuts to the chase!

Lord knows that Ivan (my call-screener) needs bullet points. I aim to please!

It's a short stroll to irrelevancy and we'll soon find out who took that walk.

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