Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Palin for the ages....

I've been totally absorbed in the task of bringing a new website online. I've done nothing over the last several weeks but deal with WordPress, html, site-hosting and DNS settings. It's enough to make your head spin!

Thankfully, I'm almost done. I'll announce the "go-live" nature of my new blogsite on The Roderic Deane Show. Hopefully, that announcement will come this Sunday.

In the meantime, I've been listening to the pulse of the Palin blogosphere. I've been intrigued by what I've heard. As recently as this morning, the FoxNews morning show alluded to a major announcement from Sarah Palin at her September 3rd speech to the Iowa Tea Party. The FoxNews crew dropped that bomb and then ignored it for the remainder of the show. Hmmmm.

No one can or should predict Sarah's mindset. Hell, I love the fact that she has one that doesn't play ball with those in the lamestream media. Karl Rove and company can play whatever games they feel necessary, but for me, I really don't care. I know that Sarah will do the right thing and whatever that "thing" is, I will welcome and applaud it!

You see, I'm not totally invested in the fact that Sarah HAS to run for President. What I am invested in is the future of our country. If Sarah decides that a presidential run is not to her liking, so be it. I'll accept that fact and move on. What I would like, however, is an understanding that she'll still be amongst us to encourage a course of action that we can all rally around.

In my heart, however, I hope she leads from the front as an announced candidate. I could REALLY rally around that!

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