Friday, August 12, 2011

My impressions of the Iowa debate

What I found interesting about the Republican debate is what the "lamestream" media focused on. They didn't report on substantive policy disagreements, they focused on personality. Perhaps that's the only thing they know. After all, Barack Obama was elected on the basis of personality. Moreover, he was elected on his ability to plead for "hope and change".

What I saw of the debate in Iowa was a slate of candidates that were intent on saying "I'm the one that should lead you". What I didn't see was true, inspirational leadership as contrasted to Barack Obama. I saw more politicians fumbling their way to a rhetorical advantage over a rival.

What I didn't see was a clear articulation of the principles of our founding principles. I saw platitudes and posturing, none of which impressed me. It was almost as if our founding principles were "politically incorrect".

This field of Republican candidates is sorely lacking in the ability to convey a sense of resolve for the American public. I don't really care about who voted for what in Congress. I want to hear ideas that uplift our spirits.

I want to know that tomorrow is not the end of the world as we know it and I want to hear politicians say that, distinctly!

I want someone to say that we will transcend this present economic nightmare and do bigger and better things, because that is our history.

I want someone to tell me that all "hope" is not lost and that we can resurrect our economy and governing principles to guide us for many years to come. We have been and need to again be the leader of the world in our resolve to advance liberty.

I want to hear from Sarah Palin! She speaks about liberty and freedom in a way that appeals to me. She makes me feel good about our prospects for the future. She has a more uplifting message than anyone else in the Republican field. She make me look forward in anticipation of achievement.

My impressions from the Iowa Republican debate are cloaked in disappointment. I didn't see what I was hoping to. I pray that Sarah didn't as well.

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  1. Good Post! I feel the same was as well...She's the Last to jump into the race...but with Perry jumping in tomorrow, I'm beginning to believe what she said..."IF there are no Other qualified candidates, THEN I may consider a run...geeez!
    We need someone NOW!
    Have a good weekend!