Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vail for me, but not for thee...

Michelle Obama and her daughters are currently skiing in Vail, CO. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't begrudge anyone a vacation with the family now and then. I cherish my vacations with my wife and kids, but come on!

Last summer, Michelle and kids ventured off to Spain. A little over-the-top by my standards, but, what the heck, they make more money than I do. There was an outcry about the cost of the trip, as there should be, since she's on the public dole. But now Vail?

Hard-working Americans all over the country are having to decide what kind of vacation they can take with their kids in this economic environment. Some can't even consider anything. But now we're told that the first family can do whatever, whenever they want. This is so telling of the Obama mindset.

This is the antithesis to Jimmy Carter sitting in front of a fire-place wearing a cardigan sweater and lecturing the American people about conserving energy. This is telling the American voter that no matter what your circumstances, I have MY place and I'm going to enjoy its privileges.

How many families are going to shift their vacation plans to ratchet down the expense, just in case the pink slip happens to come their way? How many families are going to decide on a camp-out at Jellystone Park instead of that promised trip to Disney World?

This is the absolute worst kind of message that the Obamas should be sending, especially in light of the President's lame budget proposal. Damn, maybe I should consider getting a government job. I'd love to meet thee in Vail.

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