Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday - Happy Birthday President Reagan!

The quality of this video isn't the greatest, but it surely gives you an idea of what Ronald Reagan might be watching today on this, his 100th birthday.

Happy Birthday President Reagan!


  1. Happy Birthday to one of the greatest presidents in American history.

  2. Romney will NEVER beat Obama.
    If you want Obama out of the White House we HAVE to go with Ron Paul.
    Obama only won the last election because he got the independent vote- it was anyone other than McCain/Palin. Paul is the only Republican who can get the Independent/Democrat vote. Romney/Mitchell/any of the the others will NOT beat Obama. Paul is our ONLY chance.
    Think about it- he has the most devoted following for a reason. Look at what the internet did for the Egyptians, and what it has done and will continue to do for Paul.
    Reconsider what you think you know about Paul and do your research. If you care about the future of our country and the global economy, and you want Obama OUT of the White House, we have to get the media to stop downplaying Ron Paul!