Thursday, November 4, 2010

This was NOT a GOP victory

I'm really getting sick and tired reading about how the GOP "nationalized" the mid-terms. This is almost as bad as Barack Obama saying the Democrats got a "shellacking" in the mid-terms and then turning around to tell that he would continue to fight for his agenda.

Neither position talks to the clear results of the elections: the American voter wants smaller government, less spending and a return to fiscal sanity. Oops, I just reiterated the position of the Tea Party. Silly me!

What Obama, the Democrats and the Republican elites don't get is that we are sick and tired of financing their lifestyles in Washington. I fully expect Obama and the Democrats to push back against any Republican effort to curtail or reverse Obama's agenda. I will not tolerate, however, any effort on the Republican caucus to do anything less than rebuke, reject and repeal.

If that doesn't happen and happen soon, then all bets are off. The 2012 elections will make 2010 look like a picnic. If the GOP thinks the Tea Party is going away, they are sadly mistaken. The Tea Parties are only getting started!

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