Thursday, November 4, 2010

My message to John Cornyn

I sent a message tonight, after listening to this.
Senator Cornyn,

I am one of your constituents. I am pleased that you are the head of the NRSC. I am, however, disappointed by your lack of support for Joe Miller in Alaska. Joe Miller won the Republican primary in Alaska. He was and is our candidate there. Why have you not marshaled the resources of the NRSC to support him in the aftermath of this election? Lisa Murkowski is not the Republican candidate!

As a Texan concerned about the direction of this country, I am dismayed. I do not see you supporting Republican candidates throughout the United States in their election bids. You wrongfully supported Charlie Crist in the Florida primary, which was not your place to do. You have not come to the support of Joe Miller in Alaska, while he battles a defeated candidate from the Republican primary.

If you do not support Joe Miller in his election efforts, I will not support you in any re-election effort in Texas. It's really that simple.

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