Friday, November 12, 2010

Obama Battling Severe Depression?

I have no way to determine the veracity of this article, but it seems to go a long way toward offering some explanation toward Obama's recent behavior.
White House Insider: Obama Battling Severe Depression
Published by Ulsterman on September 27, 2010 in World Politics

So you state that President Obama is depressed? How did you come by this information? From a direct source still working within the White House on a daily basis. As I had stated previously, tensions at the White House have reached a critical stage. The infighting among staff is off the charts. More recently, the president has increasingly withdrawn emotionally from the day to day demands of his job – he has become what was described to me as “empty”.

Do you mean to say the president is not doing his job? Not exactly. He is there, he is getting briefed throughout the day, but President Obama appears to have emotionally shut down, not entirely mind you, but a great deal. It has worsened since I was last there. His natural detachment has become almost chronic to the point of being disconcerting to staff around him. It appears President Obama is suffering from severe depression.

And why do you think this is happening? Well for one, he was completely unprepared for the job of being President of the United States. The demands on one’s time, the emotional and physical toll, are considerable. Second, the failure of the administration to effectively communicate to the American people. You have to understand that Obama believed that his ability to orate would be enough – that is proving to have been a considerable mistake on Obama’s part, and he is not dealing particularly well with that reality.

Wayne Madsen is also following this line in his reporting. What makes me suspect the above interview is the part I highlighted in the last paragraph. I truly believe he was effective in his communication to the American people. They just didn't like what he was saying.

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  1. This explanation is certainly plausible. I think Obama's ego got taken down several notches as a result of the outcome of the mid-term elections. Since Obama has a "God complex" he can't believe poeple have rejected both him and his policies.