Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rasmussen Rocks!

Update, 7/12/09 - The trending continues. Despite daily fluctuations, the trend is still DOWN!

Update, 7/9/09 - It's worse than my wildest imagination. Today's Rasmussen poll shows a further drop of 3 percent. That makes it stand at -8. Can't wait until tomorrow! Another drop like those the last two days can only be described as a "free fall".

Update, 7/8/09 - Today's Rasmussen poll bore out what I thought yesterday. Obama's Presidential Approval Index dropped a full 2 percentage points from yesterday. It now stands at -5.

Prepare yourself for tomorrow's release of the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. Obama's Presidential Approval Index dropped a full percentage point today. The poll is a rolling average of the last 7 day's polling. Tomorrow will be the first day that the entire poll has included questions related to the latest unemployment numbers.

For the Presidential Approval Index to drop a full percentage point in one day must mean that the trending is significantly lower.

Perhaps the country is finally waking up to Obama's socialist programs. This is especially exciting due to the fact that Obama is overseas. He can't respond in the way he has in the past. To quote an old friend of his, have his "chickens come home to roost"?



  1. Have you read this? Strategy to make U.S. fail!

  2. People are starting to see that just spending money does not improve the economy.