Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If Ever I Wished for More

Never in my life have I felt totally abandoned in my beliefs. I thought I grew up in mainstream America, but all my memories are being erased from the consciousness of our population.

Why am I wrong to think that I can do better than the next guy?

Why am I punished for success and called "rich" and "uncaring"?

Why am I harrassed by professional politicians

who don't know a think about running a business?

Why am I being blamed for all that might ail us?

I take exception to those who lord over us

and refuse to participate in their self-serving devices.

I'll continue to pursue all my wildest ambitions.

and will not stop trying to achieve the American dream!

I will not participate in this recession any longer than I must

and will continue to follow a course that I trust.

If I die trying to make a measured difference,

then my efforts must be allowed to extend to my children lives.

It's for them that I work and strive to do better.

What is so wrong with wishing for more?

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