Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Pull of Freedom

I'm often lost to find the words to inspire. I search for the means to get all my listeners/readers fired up to go out and let their voices be heard!

All I can do is keep plodding, keep writing, and keep tweeting.

Y'all have to do the same.

The bottom line is: engage, engage, ENGAGE!

I spoke with Michelle Malkin at the Dallas Tea Party on July 4th. I told her that she inspired me to start blogging. She looked at me and said "Do it! Do everything you can to get the word out!"

That's what I'm committed to.

Freedom is not pushed on you. It pulls you towards it. It is the most liberating cause that you can ever take up. It is currently inspiring countless Iranians, who risk life and limb in the streets of their country. It inspired legions of farmers and common folk to stand up to tyranny in 1775. It is our legacy, it is our right.

We must fight to keep it!

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