Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tea Party Mania

You know that you have a good thing going when your idea starts to gets pilloried by left wing media and their associated "pundits". Forget about all the BS being "reported" and act your conscience. The Tea Party phenomenon is only going to grow!

Never in my lifetime has there been a movement that is primarily being followed by the right. I want to think that conservatives have finally realized that they have something worth fighting for. Let's hear it for the grass-roots!

We hope an appropriate leader emerges. Let's just pray that he/she hasn't been wearing "centrist" clothing up until now. Who do you thing it will be?

1 comment:

  1. Who will it be...boy, that's a tough one to even guess at right now. I'm kind of hoping Governor Palin will run but honestly can't even come up with another name that I think is viable!

    And say, thanks for the shout on Twitter! I tried to message you back but the site wouldn't let me. But I was planning to come visit anyway. :)