Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Repeal the 32nd Amendment!

It has now been five years since this country passed it's most recent constitutional amendments, Amendments XXVIII - XXXII. Although it took approximately 2 years to hammer out the wording of the final documents and another year before 3/4 of the states ratified them, it feels like the whole thing started yesterday.

As a result of those new amendments and, as of today, the IRS no longer exists. In its place is a much, much smaller organization called US Revenue Control. This new organization serves to coordinate the influx of receipts relating to the national sales tax. In turn, it routes those receipts to the appropriate arms of the federal government. The final transition has been pretty quiet. The national press has not had much to say about it, focusing it's energies instead on Bristol Palin's 3rd pregnancy and on the military's clean-up efforts in Pakistan. Boy, if we had only known that the Taliban would be wiped out by the Afghan tribal awakening! That awakening started three years ago. If we had known then what we know now, we could have avoided a lot of unnecessary bloodshed. But I digress.

Eight years ago, I remember thinking "What the heck are all these people going to do now that the April 15th Tea Parties are over"? Remember when those events took place back in 2009? I remember attending one in Denton, TX. I took pictures and video, even interviewing people about why they were there. There was a sense of apprehension about what to do next. When they announced the new Tea Party events on July 4th, I remember feeling a renewed sense of purpose.

Although preparations had been underway for a few months, it wasn't until Obama made his now-infamous joke on Letterman about the "ghosts of bombings past", that the groundswell of support really picked up. Coming three weeks before July 4th, Obama's "joke" provided the perfect galvanizing force to bring over 3 million people out to Tea Parties around the country. The April 15th event was pretty much forgotten and July 4, 2009 will probably go down in history as the beginning of the end...for Obama. Oh, I should also mention the really ugly scene at the National Mall between the National Guard and Tea Party attendees. That picture of the mother holding her blood-stained infant still tears me up when I see it. Why the hell did Obama call out the National Guard?

Almost 3 million people around the country took the occasion of the July 4th Tea Parties to sign a common petition. This petition demanded their state legislatures impose on Congress and demand a new constitutional convention to consider amendments. This laundry-list of amendments would stop the out-of-control spending of the US Government. After everyone learned what happened on the National Mall, even the mainstream media began to hammer away at the Obama administration. State legislators practically fell over themselves to introduce a petition in their respective state legislatures to compel a constitutional convention and consider new amendments.

The wheels were now in motion, but there was still the issue of the Democratic-controlled Congress. I remember 2009 being a momentous year! But, I really want to talk about repealing the 32nd Amendment. That is what is really motivating my efforts these days. I have to summarize everything else leading up to that effort, so I'll just give you a timeline:

2009 – Tea Parties begin…(see above)

2010 – 2/3 of states submit a petition for a constitutional convention. Midterm elections sweep Democrats out of power in the US Government and 15 State Governor's offices. Texas Governor Rick Perry wins re-election in a landslide over Democratic rival Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who switched parties in 2009.

2011 – Republicans take over Congress. Sarbanes-Oxley is repealed, despite President Obama’s objections. He didn't object to much more after that. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is found shot to death at Fort Marcy Park, clutching what appeared to be a suicide note. Questions remain. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner leaves the administration for "personal" reasons, citing ill health. He soon moves to Cuba.

2012 – Sarah Palin is elected President. The US economy registers growth in the 4th quarter for the first time since 2008. She begins her term by dismantling Cabinet positions, the first of which is the Department of Energy. Congress passes her proposal to begin drilling in Anwar and the continental shelf. President Palin vows to streamline the regulatory approval process for new nuclear power plants. In an unprecedented move, she signs a Presidential pardon for all members of the Bush administration, related to their conduct in the War on Terror.

2013 – States ratify Amendments XXVIII-XXXI. Afghanistan war ends, Pakistan War begins. An exodus begins from the State Department, the IRS and the EPA. There is a brief rise in unemployment, but the economy scoops up displaced government workers, mostly in fast-food venues. The EPA is defunded and merged into the Department of Homeland Security. The Obamas move to Cuba.

2014 – Republicans cement a filibuster-proof majority. Tribal awakenings in Pakistan route the Taliban and Al Qaida. Social Security reforms eliminate looming insolvency. Healthcare is deregulated and the national banking structure is recast on a regional basis, forcing many Wall Street firms to file for bankruptcy. The Department of Education is eliminated from the Cabinet, sending all education-related issues to the states. The NEA is outlawed. The UAW outlawed. GM unveils a new line of electric-powered mail delivery vehicles and touts the line as its resurgence. New retirement savings rules spark a surge in the stock market. States ratify Amendment XXXII, guaranteeing a Presidential pension for all surviving family members for life. Opponents call it the "Clinton Concession".

2015 – Pakistan holds its first democratic election. By invitation of the Pakistan government, Iraq patrols polling stations to maintain security. Iran’s government collapses after a "nuclear accident", which kills 10,000+ people. Iraq moves in to maintain order, cheered by the population of Iran. China repudiates North Korea and establishes military control. It vows to leave the country after propping up a government-run energy exploration department. The UN demands that the North Korean government make good on the UN's investment in their nuclear technology. The United States revokes its membership in the UN. The UN is forced to relocate to Cuba, having lost its subsidies from the US. It takes up residence in Cuba's health ministry building.

2016 – Ex-Senators Daschle, Reid and Pelosi are indicted on racketeering charges. Former VP Joe Biden is indicted in a ponzi scheme that defrauds Al Gore and countless other ex-government officials of millions of dollars in supposed uranium futures that don’t exist. President Palin’s now-famous remark “Say it ain’t so, Joe” is memorialized on Wikipedia. The Palin/Romney ticket is re-elected to a second term.

2017 – Ex-Senator Hillary Clinton pens a memoir reliving her glory days as First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. In it, she reveals her sexual relationship with George Soros, who passed away in 2012. Soros bequeathed his entire estate to Hillary, who divorced Bill after the estate was settled. Soon thereafter, she moved to the Obama enclave in Cuba.

Now to the present.

The IRS is finally shuttered. Gone are the days of countless instructions and printed pamphlets. The OMB estimates that 100,000 trees are saved PER YEAR as the result of ending the IRS. In an interesting side-note, Obama ran for President of Cuba this year, asserting that his tax policies would put money back in 95% of each Cuban's pocket. The election results are still pending. Independent sources say that the number of paper ballets being counted resulted in the destruction of over 100,000 trees.

I don't know about you, but I am not interested in funding the pension of some ex-patriot President. I am not interested in funding the retirement of his or her family. I am not excited in the results of Amendment 32, better known as the "Clinton Concession". I'm going to demand that any pension paid by the US Government go to an avowed US citizen that lives and breaths his first and last breath on US soil. I am readying my walker to take to the streets and rally the masses to demand the repeal of the 32nd Amendment!

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