Sunday, April 26, 2009

Making a difference....

I have agonized over how I can make a difference with what is going on in this country. After all, I am just one person that has a full-time job and reads about the breakdown of all that I was taught growing up.

I don't want to run for political office, I hate being dragged to PTO meetings or neighborhood association meetings and forget about me putting a sign in my front yard to promote somebody else's cause. I just want to be able to voice MY opinion on MY terms at a time of MY choosing, without having to go through some convoluted, pre-established, organizational event to "get involved". In other words, I just plain haven't felt like doing something on someone else's terms that didn't address MY concerns....until now.

The Tea Party events of April 15th provided me with an avenue to voice my discontent. I recruited some buddies and drove 20 miles to Denton, TX to record the event on video and take pictures. I went so far as to interview attendees on video and then posted some selected interviews on PJTV, which was the most accessible way for me to share my activities.

Going through the process of registering at PJTV to be able to upload my videos and pictures was pretty painless. All of a sudden, I felt like I was plugged in to a national forum that thought the same way I did! And you know what, they do!

Since the Tea Party, I have continued to follow other events via PJTV, including the TCOT on PJTV report with Michael Patrick Leahy. Michael has taken the lead in organizing the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition to continue to advance the cause of reducing the size of the federal government.

I have since sent emails to the governor of Texas and to my local congressional representative to try to enlist their support toward repealing the 16th amendment. This amendment established the IRS and has helped provide the means to fund this current mess in Washington, DC. Enough is enough!

The great part about all this is that I can be an advocate for a cause I believe in while sitting on my back patio with my laptop. I'm not willing to leave it at that, however, and it is my intent to continue to focus my energies on what I believe might make a difference. If I have to attend more Tea Parties (July 4th comes to mind) and continue to interview more attendees, take more pictures and post more picture and comments online via PJTV, so be it. I am trying to bypass the mainstream media and allow average people (like you and I) to voice THEIR opinions at a time of THEIR choosing on a forum of THEIR choice.

If I have to invest in better video equipment and commit to attending more events throughout my immediate area (and beyond), then so what? It's worth it as long as I believe that I am contributing toward making a difference!

What about you?

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  1. I think that you have hit the nail on the head. You have expressed my feelings and probably many others' about what we want to accomplish through teaparties. To let OUR voice be heard. To do OUR part to fight for all the freedoms and rights given to us as Americans by our founding fathers. Thank you for standing beside me and other Americans to send a united voice.