Friday, July 25, 2014

What Does the White House Really Fear?

Call me cynical. This piece at suggests the Obama administration is fearful of an impeachment push by Congress.

I think they don't speak about their fears. Lending credence to impeachment talk suggests that the Obama administration welcomes it. My cynical mind thinks that if they can goad the Republican-controlled House into initiating impeachment proceedings, it will help them politically in this year's elections.

Consider this: if the House initiates impeachment proceedings, the White House will rail against it as an extremely partisan effort to undermine his presidency, which, of course, would be true! But how would that play in this year's elections? It just might energize the Democrat base to counter an impeachment effort.

Personally, I think the process of impeachment should be left to the next Congress. If we can assume that Republicans win control of the Senate and maintain the House of Representatives, then I think we've got a good brew for impeachment.

In the meantime, I highly encourage members of Congress to talk about it. There's nothing like keeping the narrative going and goading the White House to go ahead and "make my day"! That day can play out after Harry Reid has his ass kicked in the 2014 elections!

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