Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Time for W to Speak Out!

You know what, I liked George Bush. Hell, I'm a Texan! That alone qualifies me as a supporter of "W".


Conservatism, or even "compassionate conservatism", is not something that becomes a narrative in the mainstream media. It must be talked about constantly!

For 8 years, "W" was in the White House. He could have espoused conservative principles in defense of all the attacks on him, but instead, he chose to "rise above it" and hold the White House and his position as President above the fray. Unfortunately, he is no longer above it all and is reviled as the source of all Barack Obama's failures. What an unbelievable narrative!

Barack Obama has done more to undermine our principles of government and demean the office of President of the United States than any President in the history of our nation! So much about a thought to "rise above it"!

Perhaps W's persistence in maintaining the decorum of office had an expiration date. An expiration date, I say, that expired the minute he transferred power to Barack Obama.

So now W enjoys his leisure, replacing his knees to be able to continue riding bikes. How virtuous! He can enjoy the camaraderie of the bike trail while watching our country go down the tubes...and say nothing.

Countless presidents are rolling over in their graves as they watch the disintegration of our country and all that they stood for. Just think about your life's work being unraveled and how YOU would feel!

Is it too much to ask a living President to defend our heritage and remind the people of the United States that we are much more than Barack Obama?

"Miss me yet?" ..........Not!

While I once thought that George Bush was the embodiment of a Texan, I now think of him as a worthless pussy. How sad!

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