Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Won't the Left Fight for America?

I'm taking a break from my vacation to pose a question that came up over dinner tonight: why won't the left fight for America?

A question came up after a family friend's assertion during dinner tonight that the American society was in decline. I let him speak his mind, but disagreed. American society is NOT in decline. Is it not, instead, undergoing a rebirth?

My observation was this: the American military is a volunteer force and, as such, is overwhelming conservative, a reflection of the background of our soldiers. Conservatives, I said, fight for their beliefs. Liberals do not.

Our country is currently under threat from BOTH without and within. The current efforts in the war on terror have seen the rise of the greatest volunteer armed forces in the history of the world. Why?

Our freedom was and continues to be threatened by the dark forces of radical Islam. Those "country boys" and "hicks" saw all they needed to see on 9/11. They flooded the recruiting stations of the various branches of our armed forces and helped turn back Al-Qaida in Iraq and, now focused, are doing the same to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Given the ability to do so, I have confidence that they will succeed. But what about those battles within?

I have no doubt that we'll see the same phenomenon WITHIN our country if the domestic political environment continues to deteriorate. If the 2010 elections do not forestall the growth of government and reign in spending, we'll only have one more election to effect a difference. Although a lot of change [and damage] can occur to our country during the period between this year's election and 2012, I believe we will see a further mobilization of conservative Americans not seen since our Revolution.

We are seeing a rebirth of the elements that created our country in the first place. I don't think those elements will be denied their desire to return to the foundations enumerated in our Declaration of Independence or in our Constitution. I pray that we will never come to armed conflict within our society, but I do know this: conservatives will fight and die for our freedoms.

Will the left do the same, or will they line up lawyers and legislators to defend their lines? We can only hope so.

Hat tip: Phil Thieme

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  1. Because the Left hates America and all that she stands for. They hate the Consititution because that goes against their big government philosophy. Some on the Left may fight but if they do, they would do so out of either compliance in following orders from the top or out of hatred, but conservatives would be fighting with their hearts, their love for America, and with passion, so IMO that would give conservatives the upper hand. Let's hope and pray that we can return the principles of our Founders to this country peacefully.