Thursday, August 5, 2010

How do you stop a blow-torch that's named Sarah?

I don't know how the title came to mind, but it's reminiscent of this.

At any rate, consider this:
Obama appears before the AFL-CIO and we get this Facebook post, skewering Obama for his hypocrisy. Did the media take notice? You betcha!

Obama continues to pursue his lawsuit against Arizona, trying to stop the state from enforcing federal immigration law. Sarah Palin responds here and the lamestream media has a conniption fit over it, ignoring its own leftist's comments.

An ill-considered plan has been put forth to build a mosque in the shadow of the World Trade Center, ground zero on 9-11. Sarah responds and ignites an national debate, here, here and here.
In many ways, Sarah is responding to national events with a voice that echoes mine. Every new Facebook post elicits a fist-pump and a resounding "YES"!

I don't remember anyone in my lifetime that was so willing to speak out against things that rubbed them wrong and ended up speaking my opinion. I certainly hope she continues to act as an outspoken, verbal blow-torch that voices my opinion on a whole host of national issues.

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