Monday, September 5, 2011

When a bull enters a china shop

I've always had a tendency to forge ahead with my convictions, no matter the consequence. Sometimes, that tendency has served me well, especially in business. Other times, not so much.

I always think that others will see the righteousness of my ideas, even when I force them to. Human nature does not take kindly to being "told" what to do. I know I don't like it, but yet I do it to others. I've learned lessons from step-daughters, wives, colleagues and siblings that suggest that such an approach is wrong.

It is a tendency that we all have to guard against. It is no different than the government suggesting that they too can make better decisions for us. It's an arrogant assumption and it betrays a lack of belief and trust in another one's opinion and beliefs.

I've been fortunate to recognize when I've stepped on toes. Sometimes it's immediate and other times it's taken a while.

Tonight, I must fall on my sword once again and hope that those I've offended will accept my sincere apology. Damn, it's really hard to keep learning the same lesson over and over again, but learn I must.

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  1. Dunno you, but judging by the use of the word "conservatism", I am compelled to comment:
    I notice how utterly brazen are Republicans in the US are about nominating yet another Bush II clone or "Obama-Lite" in the coming year.
    is there truly no one in their ranks whose thinks the primary purpose of government is the protection of individual rights?
    Or, like their 2008 nominee McCain would have us believe, is "government security" [?] such a worrisome detail that, like their fascist brethren the Democrats, the innocent must pay for the politicians lust for power.. pensions.. and bureaucracy?
    One wonders: liberty is its own justification, no politician required.