Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cut, Cap and Balance!

I really don't know what else to say. I'm not interested in wimpy efforts to appease the Washington elite, I'm interested in REFORM! The August 2nd deadline to increase the debt ceiling is totally bogus. This is a manufactured crisis of Obama's own doing.

After watching his horrific speech last night, I was left with the feeling that we are witnessing the most quintessential demagogue of our time. Barack Obama is right up there with the most radical leaders that have ever had the good fortune of being elected President of the United States. He's right up there with Woodrow Wilson. In fact, he has surpassed Wilson's idiotic socialist agenda and set a new standard for trying to further a Marxist agenda.

Barack Obama can be compared to Jimmy Carter in his incompetence. But Jimmy Carter was not the socialist demagogue that Barack Obama is. Not even close! I believe that Barack Obama is doing this ON PURPOSE! Jimmy Carter was a buffoon, but Barack Obama is the worst embodiment of socialist thought to ever hit the White House.

So, what do we do?

We don't capitulate! We don't take Cut, Cap and Balance off the table and put forth some namby-pamby alternative that merely acquiesces to the leftists' demands.

We hold the line!

Everyone talks about Boehner calling Barack Obama's bluff. But what is the bluff?

The bluff is that the Republicans will not allow the debt-ceiling debate to end up at the point where it shuts down government and creates a "disaster". They don't want to blamed for a government shutdown, as they were in 1995, during Clinton's administration.

I have news for you. There is no disaster on the horizon in regards to the debt limit. This is a manufactured crisis with no basis in reality. It is formed from the rhetorical perfidy of Barack Obama.

Here's the deal. The Washington Post, CNN and the major networks can poll adults all they want. Those polls are absurd because a sample of adults does not indicate what the electorate will do. Those "adults" do not all vote. They sit on the sidelines and answer their phones in the evening while they watch TV. They respond to some pollster in a way to get back to their couch as soon as possible!

Hold the line!

Congressional Republicans, are you listening to us?

If the Republican Congress does not hold the line in this debate, they and we are doomed!

Update: Sarah Palin weighed in on the Greta van Susteren show last night.

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