Monday, May 23, 2011

Thirsting for knowledge

I had a great exchange with my sister this evening. Living in Indiana, she was dismayed by the fact that Mitch Daniels bowed out of the Presidential race. Moreover, she is worried about who will fill the void, fearing the possibility of another 4 years with Obama.

The fear is palpable and it exists everywhere. Never in the baby-boomers lifetime has this country been on the brink of destruction from within. Yet throughout our history we have survived civil wars, civil strife and we have ALWAYS responded to external threats. Why does today seem so different?

Perhaps it is because we have never experienced such a threat to our liberty in the course of our lifetime. Although our parents certainly did and our grandparents did as well, to us, this is a first. "This" is the current threat that WE must deal with and we have to write our own history in doing so.

If you thought the 2010 elections were bad for the socialists in our midst, just you wait until 2012. The meme being pushed by the lamestream media is that Obama is unbeatable in 2012. In my mind, nothing could be further from the truth. For the first time in our history, our population is plugged into the information age like never before and that number is growing exponentially. Research shows that more people get their news from the Internet than ever did from the traditional nightly news that our parents and grandparents relied on. This is a good thing.

The light of truth cannot be hidden under the bushel basket that is the mainstream media. Their time is over. They need to clean out their closets and start to provide their viewers with real news and unbiased opinion. If they don't, their existing business model will become the stuff of legend, taught in Business Schools for decades about what NOT to do. Trust me, it will happen.

To my sister, I say, hang in there. We are only now approaching the 2012 election cycle and we are all chomping at the bit to get after it. Be patient, for I believe that God is on our side. He just had to make us suffer for a while to believe in Him again.

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