Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Siren's Call

We are standing on the precipice of a descent into the abyss of socialism. How we came to this point is left up to historians. I, however, suggest that we are on a different path. I believe that we are seeing the evolution of our country toward even greater relevance.

What country in history has withstood the siren's call to government-run societies? None, to date. Is this country to become just another failed experiment, or our we willing to re-establish ourselves as the transformational country that we have been throughout the last 235 years?

We've weathered some mighty storms. From the Revolutionary War, to the Civil War, to the World Wars, we have endured. Why does this war with socialism seem so daunting? It is because we are living through it right now. We are at a focus point that all our citizens are beginning to recognize. We are at the fork in the road.

Will we accept the failed policies of socialism, or will we continue to re-affirm our greatness as the "last, best hope of earth"? Do we crumble in the face of a growing, governmental leviathan, or do we re-assert ourselves to follow a path that no country has followed before?

The upcoming election in 2012 is truly a tipping point for our form of government, as defined by our Constitution and re-affirmed by our greatest Presidents. Do we follow the advice of a few, modern voices, or do we re-examine our history to re-invoke the commitment to liberty that has made us strong?

The future unfolds before the eyes of the living, as it has done since our inception. We are no less challenged now that we were at every pivotal moment in our history. We are once again faced with a challenge toward our commitment to liberty. Will we succumb to the siren's call, or will we once again rise up to defeat it?

What candidate in 2012 will resist our plunge into socialism? What candidate will we support, and why? For myself, I am looking for a candidate that hasn't been steeped in the Washington way, for those are all talking in the siren's voice. I am looking for the human amongst us who will cover their ears and follow their heart and our history.

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