Monday, January 24, 2011

Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month

As we fast approach February, let's all remember that February is the one hundred year anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birthday. Coincidentally, February is also the birth month of Sarah Palin, who holds up Ronald Reagan as the icon of her political philosophy.

Although you can attempt to find similarities between Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin, the truth is this: they have both had a profound influence on the politics of our lives in unique ways, fueled by their charismatic and individual personalities.

Why do their messages resonate the way they do, both with the left and right? It is because of their unabashed optimism in the face of all that confronts us as a nation. Burnished by their foundational beliefs in God and the United States Constitution, they are unapologetic standard-bearers for what we know as American exceptionalism.

Please take the time to show your appreciation for these two unique individuals and join us in celebrating Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month!

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