Saturday, April 10, 2010

SRLC Straw Poll Results

Very interesting results from the straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans today:

Mitt Romney       439    24.89%
Ron Paul                438    24.83%
Sarah Palin           330     18.71%
Newt Gingrich     321    18.20%
Others                    236     13.38%
Total                   1,764 100.00%

What I find interesting is the fact that both Mitt Romney and Ron Paul bought votes. Sarah Palin bought caribou beef jerky for the attendees as a salute to her Alaskan heritage. I haven't found any evidence that Newt Gingrich did anything to influence the vote, so I'm curious.

Mitt spends money at the SRLC for vote purposes, but doesn't attend. Ron Paul continues to engage his minions to do whatever and spends his remaining campaign funds to influence the vote as well. Sarah Palin does noting but show up to speak to the attendees and manages to capture almost 19% of the vote without trying.

When Sarah Palin finally decides to make a run at the Presidency, look out. She's already relevant without organizing. Think about what happens when she DOES organize.

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