Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Throw the Dog a Bone!

Wow, so Obama comes out and says that we should drill for oil offshore. Why am I skeptical? Perhaps it's because he's been getting hammered in the polls over Obamacare. Perhaps it's because his party's getting a lot of pushback about maligning the Tea Partiers. Perhaps it's just because I don't believe anything he says.

I can only hope that the conservative public doesn't fall for this ruse. He knows that the environmentalists will pounce on this. He knows that he only has to restrict the "favored" areas to those bordering blue states. He knows he won't have to follow through on anything because his benefactors in the environmentalist movement and the blue states will completely halt any such effort.

On the other hand, he knows that his sycophants in the press will fall all over themselves to talk up his new-found stature on energy. He also knows that the press will downplay any conservative's criticism as being "obstructionist" toward the public good.

Days until November 2nd: 216! Whatcha gonna do with that bone he just threw atcha?

That reminds me of something.

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